our ambitious goal is to make eating better a
mouth-watering, satisfying & convenient experience.

What could be better than whole, unprocessed ingredients of your choice in a bowl teaming with flavor? Add to that that nearly every thing on our menu is gluten free and you are all set! We wish we could show it all off in front of you, but in our first location in Clarendon we had some physical constraints. However in our next location we will show off the process of putting together a nutritious bowl. Rest assured though that our ingredients are fresh, clean and healthy.


How do we build each bowl? We do it by packing flavor and nutrition into every bowl that we serve and giving you choices as to what goes into your bowl! For each bowl we are pulling your fresh vegetables, whether it be broccoli, red bell pepper, cremini mushrooms, red onion, baby kale or any one of our many other vegetables. We sauté those fresh vegetables lightly using as little oil as possible, to serve them hot, but still crisp and nutritious. Then we carefully add our fresh, house-made sauces and flavorful proteins to the vegetables and lay those fresh ingredients out on a bed of nutritious grains or greens. Our lean proteins are marinated and perfectly grilled in a high-tech steam oven that keeps the moisture in and our organic tofu is lightly sautéed with the vegetables. As a final step, we top it off with a fresh garnish so you get a flavorful, fun, filling and balanced bowl every time. Our hot bowls are best eaten right after they are served while they are still piping hot. Our new salads are better if you want to buy your bowl and eat it later.

Bowls, plates and cups that are made from plants and are 100% compostable or recyclable.

All of the chairs in the Bowl’d brick and mortar location are made in America out of 90% recycled material.

In the kitchen, our team only uses cooking equipment that is extremely energy efficient and clean.

Unlike many other restaurants, we don’t create much grease or blow any grease-laden air into the atmosphere.

Bowld’s natural concrete flooring and open ceilings mean we use fewer chemicals and artificial materials.

the story behind the bowl

Our founder, Allen Reed, realized that the food you eat everyday is the single biggest contributor to your good health (or poor health!), happy mood and clear thinking brain. Like many of us, he had experienced personally and witnessed in others how the wrong foods – over time – can crash a person’s good health no matter how active you are. He had a burning desire to give people what they want (flavor) and need (nutrition) to promote their own health. He began working hard with chefs who had an interest in delicious and healthier food and BOWL’D was born!

Arlington and the greater Washington D.C. area are full of busy people and families who are savvy and work hard and know that they should be eating fresh, whole, less processed food most of the time. Now BOWL”D has made it easier and has made it rewarding and affordable. Come enjoy our food and drink our smoothies and nourish yourself. Our vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy grains are served as they were meant to be, but we made them even more delicious and satisfying with our fresh sauces and healthy toppings.

At BOWL’D we offer as many flavorful and healthy ingredients as you can fit into one bowl so your palette gets a ride and your body gets nourished. Build your own bowl or smoothie or try one of our suggested signature bowls or signature smoothies!

add something deliciously fresh to your next event!