BOWL’D makes gluten-free tacos using soft corn tortillas filled with flavorful and fresh ingredients that you can feel good about eating and enjoy! (*Two per order)

Korean Steak

Soft corn tortillas filled with wok-fired grass-fed steak, slow roasted mushrooms and crunchy cabbage and green apple kimchi.

Border Chicken

Soft corn tortillas filled with seasoned Latin rub chicken, charred corn salsa and avocado crema.

Mango Shrimp

Soft corn tortillas with lightly seasoned sautéed shrimp, mango, tomatillo sauce, apple cider slaw of shaved Brussel sprouts and red cabbage topped with Sriracha creama.

Poblano Mushroom

Soft corn tortillas filled with poblano peppers, mushroom + sweet onion topped with a kale pineapple slaw + cilantro yogurt sauce. (Add cheese for an additional charge.)